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Direct Deposits, Direct Payments, Online Banking, Automatic Travel Accident Insurance, and more!

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit of payroll is the automatic deposit of all or part of an employee’s net pay into the financial institution of his/her choice. On payday, the employer produces a pay advice showing gross pay, payroll deductions, net pay and other information. Employees no longer need to take extra time from work to cash their paychecks. The risk of lost or stolen paychecks is also eliminated.

For more information go to The Payments Authority.

Gabriels routing and transit number is 272482223.

Direct Payment

Peace of mind. It's one of the most important benefits a financial institution can provide.

More companies than ever offer Direct Payment – a safe, easy and reliable way for billers to collect and consumers to pay. Instead of writing checks, mailing payments, or paying bills in person, consumers can have their payments withdrawn automatically from a checking or savings account. These convenient electronic payments flow through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network – the same payment system used for Direct Deposit of payroll and Social Security!

For more information and connections to participating vendors go to The Payments Authority.

EZ Card Info

Access your credit card account information any time, anywhere! At eZCard Info, receive current, up-to-date account information, including: Balance, Available Credit, Minimum Payment date & more!

Transfer Your Current High-Interest Balance

If you have a current balance with another card, let us pay off your balance before you have another payment at the higher rate. Of course, any future purchases with you Gabriels VISA card also will cost you less.

Automatic Travel Insurance

Automatic Travel Accident Insurance at no extra cost. You, your spouse and dependent to age 19 (age 23 if a full-time student at an accredited school or college) are automatically covered with common carrier travel accident insurance every time you travel by air, bus, train, ship or any other common carrier anywhere in the world when you charge your entire fare to your Gabriels VISA.

Accepted around the globe wherever you see the VISA emblem. You’ll benefit from its convenience and security whenever you use your card to travel, shop, or dine. In business or pleasure, your Gabriels VISA will make your life a little bit easier.

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