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Savings Programs

Share (Savings) Account
This is our basic savings account. Every member must maintain a minimum balance of $5 in a share account to maintain membership. Dividends are calculated daily and credited to your account on a quarterly basis on a minimum balance of $100.00.

Club Accounts
Club accounts are share (savings) accounts to assist your planning for various items or events, including Christmas expenses, taxes/insurance, summer expenses, or special purposes. Gabriels Credit Union offers the following:

  • Christmas Club
  • Vacation Club

Club accounts earn dividends which are paid quarterly on a minimum balance of $100.00.

Christmas Club accounts will disburse the total balance into your Checking account on November 1st each year. 

Vacation Club accounts are separate savings account that you can use for whatever you see fit.  You can open up to 10 Vacation accounts and Nickname them what you wish.

Please contact the Credit Union for account disclosure information.

Money Market Accounts
Earn more by opening a Money Market account. These accounts are tiered (higher balances will earn higher interest rates). Dividends are adjusted and paid monthly based on current market conditions. Restrictions apply, so check with the credit union before you invest. Check current rates.

Certificates of Deposit
A variety of high interest rate certificates of deposit are available for members who are looking for investment options. Certificate interest rates are subject to change at any time, but the rate in effect at the time of purchase is the rate for the term of the certificate. Penalties may be assessed for early withdrawal. The Credit Union offers a variety of time frames for your choosing. You may invest in a Certificate from a time period as short as one (1) year to as long as five (5) years. Check current rates.

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA)
An IRA is an Individual Retirement Account. An IRA is a great way to start a savings plan for retirement or a child’s education. IRAs can offer many tax advantages, for example, tax-deferred interest income, deductible contributions and tax-free withdrawals depending on your personal situation. You may choose from an IRA Share account or invest in a Certificate of Deposit. The best choice is to begin saving today! Check current rates.

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